Rowayton Seafood Restaurant is Closed Until Further Notice

Friends of Rowayton Seafood,

Despite our decision yesterday to limit seating and close off the bar area to protect customers and staff, I am making a different decision today. I will be closing The Restaurant as of noon today, March 15.

It is too difficult to manage social distancing in this busy restaurant.

To be clear, NO ONE at Rowayton Seafood is experiencing signs of COVID-19 virus at this time. Our bartender who everyone is concerned about, Johnny feels he may have been exposed to the virus through a customer. He has been home for ten days and is currently not experiencing any symptoms. He said he is feeling fine, and is waiting for testing to be certain.

For everyone’s peace of mind, if any staff member does experience symptoms they will be required to be tested prior to returning to work.

We will continue to monitor the situation and follow all CDC guidelines, including sanitizing the entire restaurant as we have been doing.

The Fish Market will remain open for Fresh Fish and to go orders

Thank you for your patience.

We will re-open when it is safe for our customers and staff.

Please check our website for updates at Rowayton or call and leave a message on The Restaurant phone 203-866-4488, we will return your call.


Kevin Conroy, owner