May 30, 2017
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And we made it!  It’s time to put on your flip flops, grab a roadie cup and head to the boat or beach. Or… there is nothing finer then our back deck.  Perched over the Five Mile River, the water laps underneath you while the sunsets with an explosion of color, right before your eyes.  We are so grateful to be able to offer this unique experience to our guests.  Feels like home, with service!

The meals are delicious, the staff is terrific the cocktails are creative, it really is a gem.  This has been a soggy spring, but now with a burst of sunshine everything is in bloom.  This makes everyone happy.

Come by land or by sea, but come, it is not to be missed.  We have a busy parking lot, so ride your bike!  What a great way to work up an appetite.

We are anxiously waiting for the results of the Best of the Gold Coast.  We are entered in Best Seafood, (which we have won for several year, just say’n) and Best Outside Dining.  So, come and see for yourself!

Meet our staff.  In our monthly newsletter we have a Staff Spotlight.  Each month we celebrate a staff member, they share there favorite dishes and drinks.  So, make surewe have your email, just jot it down on the comment cards.

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History has shown us that March comes in like a Lion and out like a lamb.  Also, that April showers, bring May flowers.  But what of February?  This was the warmest February in recorded history. (I heard on the radio)  Well we were ready.


It just takes a sunshiny day for customers to pile out on to the deck for what seemed like summertime fun.  Yes, it was warm for February, but still 50 – 60 degrees.  But that’s all we need on this coast to know we are rounding the corner for the homestretch.


So, here we are in March, the tough part behind us.  There is no roar that I am noticing.  March 1, today will be 70 degrees.  What???  Then let’s do this!  Do not wait another day to join us for the best of Rowaytonamazing food served on the deck or in The Restaurant.  (Reservations are easier now, this is our little secret for another month.)


Scotty is serving amazing favorites as well as holiday selections, served river side.  Craw dads and other creole dishes for Mardi Gras!  The perfect alternative for St. Patty’s Day cornbeef is Salmon, ready in the case, or prepared in house.  Tons of party options, cooked shrimp, mini crab cakes, oysters and clams on the half shell as you gather for March Madness.


Well we have our own March Madness.  The only roar from March’s Lion will be at the bar cheering on favorite teams.


Let’s get this party started early.  We are not afraid of Lions!  Bring it on March, we will be waiting for you, on the water, drinks in hand, amazing food to share, staring you down.  You will be leaving us like a little lamb, tail between your legs… until next year!

December 30, 2016
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New hour, new day, new year.  It’s new.  Happy New Year!  What else is new.  New menu items, special events, craft beers, specialty drinks, it’s all new.  Our anniversary year is behind us, but 21 years is just as good.  We are already thinking ahead to summer believe it or not. 


We are so excited for our new staff members to join the team.  We are hoping for all of our old friends to be dining with us, but we want to meet new customers as well.  We are reaching out with social media, e mail blasts with new enter to win contests.  (Don’t forget to leave your email on our comment cards so we can reach you.)


New at the fish market, cool apparel including our new embroidered hoodie, stem-less wine glasses and logo mugs.  Rep the brand, we’re cool and so will you be.  It’s all new!


For the summer we already purchased a new umbrella that offers not only shade on the entire deck, but lights and heat as the evenings cool.  It’s all new and we can’t wait to share with you.


We are all excited to jump (or as Scott would say, swim) into 2017. 


It’s all new!   Happy New Year!

December 3, 2016
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  December is filled with reasons to celebrate.  Family gatherings,  traditions in full swing!  All of us at The Restaurant want to be a part of your traditions.  It’s time to celebrate!  The fireplace, don’t forget about the fireplace!  We are so lucky to have a cozy corner for your family to gather.  The fireplace was saved during the original renovation from Captain Henry’s to The Restaurant.  We fought to keep it and it is so worth it.  Where can you enjoy the view of the 5 Mile River and sit by the toasty warm fire.  Unless, of course you are our neighbor along the river.  But would you get the amazing service and selection?  Let’s celebrate that.


The tradition of Rowayton December begins with the town lighting.  Now 10 years old, it is a favorite in town.  Always the Sunday following Thanksgiving the town lights up!  We are already ready for the special day and will be here with the fire on if you get too chillycelebrating Rowayton.


Celebrating special occasions is happening now.  Celebrate everything!


New menu items are designed to warm your hearts during the month. Culminating to December 31, our New Years Eve menu is already designed and it is going to be great.  Let’s celebrate great food and wine. End your year and start your new with us.  Thank you for 2016, and Cheers to 2017.




October 26, 2016
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When we announced it was our 20th anniversary it brought out nostalgia from our dedicated staff and customers.  The first comment most often was, “wow, I am getting old.”  Twenty years is a long time.  Friend after friend would remind us of the times The Restaurant was a part of their family’s celebration and tradition.  There was the first party ever on the deck when Chris and Karen were engaged.  Or the 90th birthday party on the back deck.  All the children and grandchildren drove down from Trumbull to be a part of the great day.  Or Grace’s baptism day on the upper deck with all the family gathered.


Engagement dinners, Valentine dinning, Anniversary’s of all kinds, job promotions, celebrated on the deck, or cozy by the fire.  We are so grateful to be a part of the family.  Time and again, The Restaurant is the go to choice where families make traditions happen.  Our staff, who most have been with us for ten + years, our family, are delighted to watch the ring come out, or the bouquet presented in front of their very eyes.


So funny this place.  Some put on their very best wardrobe, beautiful dresses and high heeled shoes, handsome suits and ties.  At the very next table might be a group in shorts, flip flops (sometimes barefoot) and t shirts.  Another table might be the ladies having a Rosé luncheon or families with all the kids.

You also might find owner, Kevin Conroy, pulling in on his sport fishing boat loaded with stripped bass, or yellow fin tuna coming in from an off shore fishing trip, for a frosty cold beer, smelling like fish!


This fabulous diversity of customers finding the amazing food, staff and view like home.  


Well, here is to another 20 more!  Birthdays, new births, anniversaries, holidays, engagements or just being together, we can’t wait to share it with all with you.