Some of the most irritating people in our lives are our greatest teachers. Think of the oyster without the grinding irritation of sand there would be no pearl.

Some people love them, some hate them, but rarely do they render an “Eh”, response. There is a lot to know about these slimy, expensive, tasty little molluscs. Oysters have been accompanied with champagne or dropped in a Bloody Mary shooter. Eaten raw, their very own shell is a spoon. Grilled, baked or topped with this and that they are a crowd pleaser.

You don’t actually get “turned on” by eating oysters, but they do have great health benefits. They are power punched with zinc which keeps energy levels up, making you feel good, hence increases sex drive. Just say’n. Also boosts immune system, gets rid of acne and rashes.

The Long Island Sound is the perfect ecosystem for oysters. Our local waters sport the Blue Point Oyster. We are so excited that right from our back yard we get some of the best oysters in the world!

They filter algae in the water, keeping our fish and swimmers happy. Their shells form reefs that protect our shores from storms and boat wakes.

For our 20th anniversary we are dressing up our oysters to share with you. Rowayton in years past was an oyster hot spot. The Five Mile River was littered with adorable Oyster shacks and the fresh catch was brought to the Lobster Co Op, now, the Rowayton Seafood Market. Check out the Rowayton Historical Society for more information.

As for your high hopes to find a shiny pearl in one of your appetizers, Sorry, our oysters do not produce pearls.

So, hats off oysters and thank you for your tireless effort !