When we announced it was our 20th anniversary it brought out nostalgia from our dedicated staff and customers.  The first comment most often was, “wow, I am getting old.”  Twenty years is a long time.  Friend after friend would remind us of the times The Restaurant was a part of their family’s celebration and tradition.  There was the first party ever on the deck when Chris and Karen were engaged.  Or the 90th birthday party on the back deck.  All the children and grandchildren drove down from Trumbull to be a part of the great day.  Or Grace’s baptism day on the upper deck with all the family gathered.


Engagement dinners, Valentine dinning, Anniversary’s of all kinds, job promotions, celebrated on the deck, or cozy by the fire.  We are so grateful to be a part of the family.  Time and again, The Restaurant is the go to choice where families make traditions happen.  Our staff, who most have been with us for ten + years, our family, are delighted to watch the ring come out, or the bouquet presented in front of their very eyes.


So funny this place.  Some put on their very best wardrobe, beautiful dresses and high heeled shoes, handsome suits and ties.  At the very next table might be a group in shorts, flip flops (sometimes barefoot) and t shirts.  Another table might be the ladies having a Rosé luncheon or families with all the kids.

You also might find owner, Kevin Conroy, pulling in on his sport fishing boat loaded with stripped bass, or yellow fin tuna coming in from an off shore fishing trip, for a frosty cold beer, smelling like fish!


This fabulous diversity of customers finding the amazing food, staff and view like home.  


Well, here is to another 20 more!  Birthdays, new births, anniversaries, holidays, engagements or just being together, we can’t wait to share it with all with you.